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About Millie Mae's Pantry

Here at Mille Mae's Pantry, we strive to offer a welcoming space for all where people can rest, recharge, & connect over delicious food made with fresh local ingredients. 
Whether you’re craving a perfectly crafted panini, a comforting slice of house-made cake or a little peruse in the shop stocked with artisan K.I products, the Millie Mae’s team invites you to join us in our garden or on our cosy deck.
We reckon we’ve got the best coffee on the island and we’re passionate about creating a memorable experience for every guest, so we hope you’ll be back for seconds.

Our Story

At Millie Mae’s we believe in the power of fresh delicious food to bring people together.


Local legend Jan started Millie Mae’s Pantry in 2019, and at the beginning of 2023 Sydneysiders James & Kate with their son Ryan and their 3 dogs made the move to Kangaroo Island.

Growing up in Parramatta, Kate spent her childhood in her grandfathers’ garden, surrounded by fresh produce.

Witnessing his passion for nurturing life from the soil sparked a love of fresh food that would stay with her forever.

Kate’s grandmother, a skilled cook and baker, further fuelled her culinary inspiration. 
The memory of savouring her Ma’s legendary caramel slice (a masterpiece of buttery sweetness) continues to inspire Kate to create treats that bring joy with every bite. 

You can even find the caramel in the tarts at Millie Mae's today.

James’ childhood memories are filled with the heady joy of stealing beans from his Gramps’ garden & crunching them in secret (everyone knew) while his Nanna drew on her experience working in a deli to whip up sandwiches for his lunch.

This early exposure instilled in him a love of really great sangas & a genuine desire to create satisfying meals that nourish both the body & soul.

We invite you to have a look around our garden café and see what fresh things you can find growing.

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